Services Provided

Services Provided

    • Intake Assessment
    • Individual Psychotherapy
    • Couples & Family Therapy (LGBT & Heterosexual)
    • Group Therapy
    • Hypnotherapy

Intake Assessment

I conduct thorough intake assessments during your first session. I ask questions that help me understand important background information. This comprehensive understanding of both your history and your current problem will guide our treatment strategies. Though most of the intake session will be spent gathering information, we often have time to begin working on the problem that brought you to therapy.

Individual Psychotherapy

U have considerable experience working with clients who present a wide-range of problems (stress, substance abuse, motivational issues, perfectionism, relationship break-up, suicidal feelings, etc.). I am comfortable and experienced working with clients representing all forms of human diversity (e.g. ethnic, racial, sexual orientation, age, gender, gender identity, ability, and national origin). Depending upon the demands of each unique situation and my clients' desires, we utilize both short-term and long-term treatment strategies. My approach to therapy might best be described as a combination of interpersonal, cognitive-behavioral and family systems theory, underpinned with a true appreciation of culture and context.

Couples & Family Therapy

Intimate relationships and family connections can provide one of the greatest sources of joy in life; they can also cause deep anguish. When things go wrong, it is often difficult for couples and families to sort out the layers of hurt, anger, stress, jealosy, disappointment, boredom, sadness, fear, and betrayal. Without the help of a trained professional, couples and families may get stuck in patterns of blaming, avoiding, distancing, rehashing, unproductive fighting, buried anger, and ineffective communication. Left unchecked, these patterns suck the life out of emotional and physical intimacy and may escalate to the breaking point. We want to help couples and families who have a desire to: Resolve differences, communicate more effectively, develop positive relational patterns, and build or rebuild strong, loving relationships. This is an area of particular interest to me and I have provided therapy for numerous couples and families and have presented workshops for couples on a variety of topics. She have received concentrated training on working with couples and families and has taught graduate courses on couples’ therapy.

Group Therapy

There is something powerfully healing about experiencing the support and constructive feedback of a group. I have long been impressed with the effectiveness of group psychotherapy for treating some types of problems. For example, it is a particularly helpful format for working on interpersonal problems, because it provides a safe place to try out new behaviors. Likewise, it is a place to receive invaluable feedback about how one is perceived by others in social situations and in relationships. Members help each other by asking thoughtful questions and by providing insight, encouragement, and a fresh perspective. Further, it can be tremendously helpful to dialogue with others who have shared similar life experiences (i.e. chronic pain or being biracial). We have facilitated a great many groups on a variety of topics, including writers' block, general therapy, depression, ADHD, women's support, LGBT support, adult children of alcoholics, sexual assault support, gender identity support, adults molested as children, adults from difficult families, and etc.). I have received specialized training in group facilitation as well as advanced certification.


I provide hynotherapy. I received special training in in this area. I particularly like to use hypnotherapy as part of helping clients who struggle with anxiety, sleep, motivation and pain management. I do not use hypnotherapy for exploring the unconscious mind for the purpose of recovering memories.

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